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A Man with A Passion for Surpassing Excellence in All Arenas of Life


From Google's Webster Dictionary

Main Entry:  Surpass

Part of Speech:  verb

Synonyms: better, eclipse, exceed
go beyond, improve
upon, outdistance, outrun
outshine, surmount, top
tower, transcend

   Victorino Noval in Beverly Hills
Victorino Noval is one of the few individuals who not only strive for excellence, but achieve it in all areas of their lives.  Born in Cuba, but separated from his father due to his father's efforts as an anti-communist freedom fighter, he had to develop independence at an early age.  After studying both Real Estate and Business at UCLA, he became the top producing employee at a leading commercial real estate firm at age 21. The links above will lead you to discover his surpassing achievements in Green Technology, Real Estate, and Politics/Human Rights.

Victorino looks to Cuba for his next feature, LITTLE CUBA.  "Not since OUR MAN IN HAVANA has a film captured the essence of a changing country.  Gone are many of the laws and taboos.  We are going to shoot Andy Lauer's LITTLE CUBA on location, and may create a spin-off for TV, as Cuba is more interactive."  


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